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The Budget Gourmet

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cooking on a budget
This is a community devoted to cooking the best foods we can on a budget.

Face it, not everyone can afford a filet mignon with a delicate truffle sauce. Some can only afford macaroni and cheese but maybe you have a to-die-for mac n cheese recipe that makes it taste like heaven.

This community is open to all members who love food, can't afford to be snobbish about what we eat but want to make the best tasting recipes we can; or simply you are a frugal minded person who prefers to save a little money, quite acceptable. Heck, everyone is welcome.

If you found a recipe on a website or magazine or other recipes that aren't strictly yours, please be kind and add where you got the recipe, if you remember of course.

Welcome Aboard and Happy Cooking!

Liz -- coflower

BTW - please welcome my friend x_creepy_doll_x as my co-mod here. She's a damn good lady and a lot quicker than me in approving new members. I should have welcomed her a long time ago but been a bit short in the brain waves.

Community Note 03/31/04: Posting about other communities (as I call community whoring -- hehe) on LJ is permitted but the guidelines are that it fits into one of two categories:

Food or Budget.

Communities don't survive if they don't have members so it's no big deal to me.

Other food oriented communities that might interest you:

cooking -- Virtually anything and everything about cooking. From the basic to the hard-core foodie. All levels of food creations are there.
food_porn -- From pictures to recipes to tasty words about food.
what_a_crock -- Slow cooker recipes galore.
picturing_food -- Just like the title says, pictures of food. Can be bandwidth heavy but some of the people are very good photographers while some are just people that like the food they eat and want to show it off.
vegetarian -- Well, I think the name is pretty explanatory. I eat a lot of vegetarian myself, however, don't be stupid and think that because you eat fish and or poultry you are vegetarian. Don't even bring it up there. Be kind and keep your posts to vegetarian only posts if you go. There are some good sounding recipes and you can get some good information. Just be kind.
super_supper -- This is a new community to me (07-10-07) but so far so good. This comm. is a combo of all of the above rolled into one. However, one must post a photo in every post they make. It really sparks your imagination. A lot of the photos aren't near the quality of those expected in picturing_food but interesting.
trashy_eats -- (07-10-07) I forgot about this one! I have to giggle as it's about "trashy" food. I don't think of it like those of us here at budget_gourmet, I think of it more as a humorous way to eat foods when one is too lazy or can't pick up a few ingredients to make a proper meal. Think Twinkie meets peanut butter and Cheese Whiz. That's an exaggeration, but not far off. People are very "creative" there.