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It is a potato?
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Dried beans

I realize I could just use Google to look this up (and I have), but I feel like asking real people might motivate me more since it would take some of the guesswork out of whether something really works or not. I am very interested in your personal experiences. I also hope this helps revitalize this amazing community :)

I have a bunch of dried beans lying around the house that I'd love to use and just feel... stuck with. I don't really know where to start with them. Do I soak them? Do they rehydrate if I'm using a slow cooker? Think your basic newbie questions.

We have a variety of beans in smallish quantities since I wanted to get a feeling for how much thought they really take in advance of using them before buying truly in bulk. My husband and I don't always put a lot of thought into what we're going to make for dinner until the last possible second so I don't know if dried beans are right for us.

We have a slow cooker but not a pressure cooker.

So... does anyone have any recipes or handling tips? I'm particularly interested in Indian recipes (we have lentils) and in how to make amazing chili that is better than the stuff I make with canned beans.
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Another useful link

My husband found this Indian food blog. The specialized ingredients she uses are available at Whole Foods or most food co-ops. In my part of NC, it's Weaver Street Market. I love Indian food and she makes it far more accessible than most cookbooks or recipe sites I've seen.

I have most of these ingredients and will be making this sometime this week.